MSBTE 2017 Winter Examination Time Table

MSBTE 2017 Winter Examination Time Table
MSBTE University Examination Time Table of Summer/Winter semester pattern tentative dates are available on the official website of MSBTE Students or Institutes can download the Summer/Winter Exam 2016-2017 Time Table through the website in four ways. The MSBTE Board official website has given four ways to get Time Table of Summer/Winter 2016-2017. Get 2016-2017 Summer/Winter Time Table of MSBTE Institute-Wise, Day-Wise, Course-Wise, Paper-Code-Wise TimeTable. So visit official website and download your institute course wise or daywise or paper date day wise time table today.

MSBTE Diploma Winter Examination Time Table Updates

The MSBTE Winter examination is scheduled in the year ending of 2017 for the academic year of 2017-2018. Students of MSBTE polytechnic and D Pharmacy can check the official website of MSBTE to find the time table of their courses and can prepare the upcoming examination which is held for your semester pattern diploma courses.

MSBTE Winter Exam 2017 Time Table Updates Available Now

Summer Winter 2017 Courses Examination Time Table Results Declared

MSBTE University arranges various Diploma Engineering courses through the affiliated institutions and learning centers.   MSBTE affiliated institutions list if available on official website and there are more than 900 institutions are affiliated to MSBTE through which students candidates can take admission to various courses offer by MSBTE Board.

List of Courses offered by MSBTE University

We have given list of affiliated courses by MSBTE University and there are approximately 200 courses lists found officially on the website which are mentioned below with course type whether course is AICTE approved or Short Term course, Course Code, an identification of the Course, duration of the course in years, full name of the course course and pattern of the course whether the courses are semester full time or yearly full time or part time course.

MSBTE Courses Examination Semester Pattern Summer Winter Exams Time Table Results Declarations 2017

MSBTE University courses exams held during two times every year which are well known as Winter and Summer examinations.    You can find Summer or Winter examination time table at official website of MSBTE Board which are declare tentatively and board announces officially final time table or update time to time if any subject exam is postponed for any reasons.

In 2017, MSBTE also held exams twice i.e. Summer Examination 2017 and Winter Examination 2017.    

The Examination of Summer 2017 held during April/May 2017 and board announces the form submission dates after results declared of Winter 2016 during January or February month. Students can appear Winter 2017 examination for the semester pattern and same exams form available after results of Summer 2017 exams during July/August 2017.

Find Courses & Examination Related Information Online

Students can collect all the information about the courses to results at official website.  

The primary information need for student of MSBTE is  - Courses Syllabus, Courses Subjects, Previous year Question Papers, Exams Time Table, Exams Form Submissions Final Dates, Exams Hall Tickets, Enrollment Number,  Exams Tentative Time Table Dates, Exams Tentative Results Dates, Carry On Rules, ATKT Rules, Failure Terms Rules and all information which is directly, indirectly related to the course and board university which is needful to the students during the academic year.

How To Download MSBTE Summer Winter Time Table 2017

Institutes and Students can easily download or refer upcoming exams of MSBTE Summer or Winter semester pattern 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th semesters time table through the official website

Now MSBTE University declares tentative time table of the Summer Winter exams and this can be easily download or refer online through the links given below with images in which you can see courses wise time table, institute wise time table, day wise time table, paper code wise time table.

For further information refer the official website or links which are given above.

Check Summer Winter Exams Results 2017 Online

Students of MSBTE can check tentative dates of summer, winter exams which are held in last session.   Students can download print copy of the results which students can search results using seat number, enrollment number given by the board.    The results of winter exam declare during January month expectedly and summer exam result declare during July/August month expectedly. 

Most of the courses of Semester Full Time are 3 years duration that is 6 semesters.


CodeCourse TypeCourse NameDuration (Years )Pattern
1AAAICTE ApprovedArchitecture Assistantship3Semester Full Time
2CEAICTE ApprovedCivil Engineering3Semester Full Time
3CIAICTE ApprovedCivil Engineering4Semester Part-Time
4CSAICTE ApprovedConstruction Technology3Semester Full Time
5CVAICTE ApprovedCivil Engg.(Sandwitch Pattern)4Semester Full Time
6CCAICTE ApprovedCivil Engineering4Semester Correspondence
7CRAICTE ApprovedCivil & Rural Engineering3Semester Full Time
8PSAICTE ApprovedPlastic engineering3Semester Full Time
9CTAICTE ApprovedChemical Technology3Semester Full Time
10CGAICTE ApprovedChemical Engineering4Semester Part-Time
11CHAICTE ApprovedChemical Engineering3Semester Full Time
12CDAICTE ApprovedComputer Engineering.(Ind./Int.)4Semester Full Time
13CMAICTE ApprovedComputer Technology3Semester Full Time
14IFAICTE ApprovedInformation Technology3Semester Full Time
15COAICTE ApprovedComputer Engineering3Semester Full Time
16COAICTE ApprovedComputer Engineering (*)3Semester Full Time
17CLAICTE ApprovedComputer Engineering (P.T.)4Semester Part-Time
18CWAICTE ApprovedComputer Science & Engineering3Semester Full Time
19ENAICTE ApprovedElectronics3Semester Full Time
20ETAICTE ApprovedElectronics & Communication Engg3Semester Full Time
21EVAICTE ApprovedElectronics & Video Engineering3Semester Full Time
22EXAICTE ApprovedElectronics Engineering3Semester Full Time
23IEAICTE ApprovedIndustrial Electronics3Semester Full Time
24ILAICTE ApprovedIndustrial Electronics4Semester Part-Time
25IUAICTE ApprovedIndustrial Electronics(Sandwitch Pattern)4Semester Full Time
26MUAICTE ApprovedMedical Electronics3Semester Full Time
28EIAICTE ApprovedElectronics Engg.(Industry Integrated)4Semester Full Time
29EQAICTE ApprovedDiploma in Electronics & Communication Technology3Semester Full Time
30EXAICTE ApprovedElectronics Engineering(*)3Semester Full Time
31ECAICTE ApprovedElectronics & Communication Engg3Semester Full Time
32EJAICTE ApprovedElectronics & Tele-Communication Engineering3Semester Full Time
33DEAICTE ApprovedDigital Electronics3Semester Full Time
34ELAICTE ApprovedElectronics & Communication Engg4Semester Part-Time
35EDAICTE ApprovedElectronics & Communication Engg(Industry Integarted)4Semester Full Time
36EUAICTE ApprovedDiploma in Electrical and Electronics (Power System)3Semester Full Time
37EPAICTE ApprovedElectrical Power System3Semester Full Time
38EGAICTE ApprovedElectrical Engineering4Semester Part-Time
39ECAICTE ApprovedElectrical Engineering4Semester Correspondence
40EEAICTE ApprovedElectrical Engineering3Semester Full Time
41ISAICTE ApprovedInstrumentation3Semester Full Time
42ICAICTE ApprovedInstrumentation & control3Semester Full Time
43AEAICTE ApprovedAutomobile Enginnering3Semester Full Time
44FTAICTE ApprovedFabrication Technology3Semester Full Time
45MEAICTE ApprovedMechanical Enginnering3Semester Full Time
46FEAICTE ApprovedFabrication Technology & Erection Engg (Sandwitch Pattern)4Semester Full Time
47MCAICTE ApprovedMechanical Enginnering4Semester Correspondence
48PKAICTE ApprovedPackaging Technology3Yearly Full Time
49PYAICTE ApprovedProduction Tech(Sandwitch Pattern)4Semester Full Time
50PTAICTE ApprovedProduction Technology3Semester Full Time
51PGAICTE ApprovedProduction Engineering3Semester Full Time
52FGAICTE ApprovedFabrication Technology & Erection Engg.3Semester Full Time
53MGAICTE ApprovedMechanical Engineering4Semester Part-Time
54MHAICTE ApprovedMechanical Engg(Sandwitch Pattern)4Semester Full Time
55MIAICTE ApprovedMechanical Engg(Industry Integrated)4Semester Full Time
56MMAICTE ApprovedMachine Tools & Maintenance Engineering4Semester Full Time
57PEAICTE ApprovedPlant Engineering3Semester Full Time
58MTAICTE ApprovedMetallurgy3Yearly Full Time
59ITAICTE ApprovedInformation Technology3Semester Full Time
60MZAICTE ApprovedDiploma In Mining Engineering3Yearly Full Time
61MSAICTE ApprovedMining & mine Surveying3Yearly Full Time
62MNAICTE ApprovedMining Engineering3Yearly Full Time
63PNAICTE ApprovedPrinting Technology3Semester Full Time
64PCAICTE ApprovedPrinting Technology4Semester Part-Time
65GTAICTE ApprovedGarment Technology3Semester Full Time
66TTAICTE ApprovedTextile Technology3Semester Full Time
67TCAICTE ApprovedTextile Technology3Semester Full Time
68TXAICTE ApprovedTextile Manufactures3Semester Full Time
69TMAICTE ApprovedTextile Manufacturers3Semester Full Time
70MXAICTE ApprovedMan-made Textile Chemistry3Semester Full Time
71MOAICTE ApprovedMan-made Textile Technology3Semester Full Time
72DDAICTE ApprovedDress Designing & Garment Manufacturing3Semester Full Time
73KTAICTE ApprovedKnitting Technology3Semester Full Time
74DCAICTE ApprovedFashion & clothing Technology3Semester Full Time
75MFAICTE ApprovedMan-made Fibre Manufacturing3Semester Full Time
76TRAICTE ApprovedTravel And Tourism3Semester Full Time
77MAAICTE ApprovedMarine Engineering4Semester Full Time
78LGAICTE ApprovedLeather Goods & Footwear tech3Semester Full Time
79FCAICTE ApprovedFood Technology3Semester Full Time
80LOAICTE ApprovedLeather Technology3Semester Full Time
81HMAICTE ApprovedHotel Management & Catering Technology3Yearly Full Time
82SCAICTE ApprovedSurface Coating Technology3Yearly Full Time
83RTAICTE ApprovedRubber Technology2.5Semester Full Time
84PHAICTE ApprovedPharmacy2Yearly Full Time
85PHAICTE ApprovedPharmacy(*)2Yearly Full Time
86AHAICTE ApprovedArchitecture5Yearly Full Time
88MLAICTE ApprovedMedical Laboratory Technology3Semester Full Time
89IRShort TermPost Diploma in Interior Designing & Decoration1Yearly Part-Time
90INShort TermDiploma in Interior Designing and Decoration3Yearly Part-Time
91PRShort TermAdvance Diploma in Project Management in Building Construction1Semester Part-Time
92IDShort TermDiploma in Interior Designing and Decoration2Yearly Full Time
93EAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Environmental Architecture1Semester Part-Time
94LAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Landscape Architecture2Semester Part-Time
95VCShort TermVocational Diploma in Carpentry & Interior Decoration2Semester Part-Time
96VWShort TermVocational Diploma in Welding2Semester Part-Time
97VTShort TermVocational Diploma in Turning2Semester Part-Time
98VRShort TermVocational Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning2Semester Part-Time
99VPShort TermVocational Diploma in Plumbing2Semester Part-Time
100VNShort TermVocational Diploma in Painting2Semester Part-Time
101VMShort TermVocational Diploma in Machinist2Semester Part-Time
102VHShort TermVocational Diploma in Hotel & Catering2Semester Part-Time
103VFShort TermVocational Diploma in Fitting2Semester Part-Time
104VEShort TermVocational Diploma in Electrician2Semester Part-Time
105VDShort TermVocational Diploma in Fashion Technology2Semester Part-Time
106VBShort TermVocational Diploma in Building Construction2Semester Part-Time
107VAShort TermVocational Diploma in Automobile2Semester Part-Time
108CXShort TermPost Diploma in Computer Maintenance Engineering1Semester Part-Time
109CQShort TermAdvance Diploma in Computer Techniques.1Semester Full Time
110CPShort TermAdvance Diploma in Computer Software System Analysis & Application1Semester Part-Time
111CJShort TermPost Diploma in CAD/CAM1Semester Full Time
112IAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Information Technology1Semester Full Time
113ESShort TermAdvance Diploma in Embedded Systems1Semester Part-Time
114CAShort TermPost Diploma in Computer Application1.5Semester Full Time
115HNShort TermDiploma in Computer Hardware & Networking1Semester Part-Time
116CBShort TermAdvance Diploma in Cyber Security Management1Semester Part-Time
117DAShort TermDiploma in 3D Animation & Graphics2Semester Full Time
118IOShort TermCertificate Course in Information Technology1Yearly Full Time
119FAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Fire Safety and Industrial Environmental Engineering1Yearly Full Time
120FFShort TermAdvance Diploma in Industrial Safety and Security Management1Yearly Full Time
121ITShort TermAdvance Diploma in Industrial Safety1Yearly Full Time
122FIShort TermPost Diploma in Fire Engineering1Yearly Full Time
123FUShort TermAdvance Diploma in Fire and Security Management1Yearly Full Time
124FSShort TermAdvance Diploma in Fire Safety Engineering1Yearly Full Time
125FLShort TermPost Diploma in Fire safety and Industrial Environmental Engineering3Semester Full Time
126FRShort TermDiploma in Fire Service Engineering2Yearly Full Time
127BQShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Business Management Science2Semester Full Time
128EBShort TermAdvance Diploma in Executive Business Studies1Semester Full Time
129BAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Business Administration System2Semester Full Time
130AMShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Apparel and Merchandizing1Semester Full Time
131EYShort TermAdvance Dip. In Export Import Management1.5Semester Part-Time
132YRShort TermDiploma in Retail Management4Yearly Part-Time
133YSShort TermDiploma in Supply Chain and Logistic Management4Yearly Part-Time
134YHShort TermDiploma in Hospitality Management4Yearly Part-Time
135BPShort TermAdvanced Diploma in Business Processing Outsourcing Operations1Semester Full Time
136BSShort TermAdvance Diploma in Business Management Sciences.2Semester Full Time
137CZShort TermAdvance Diploma in Call Center Management1Semester Full Time
138AXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Apparel and Merchandizing1Semester Full Time
139EMShort TermAdvance Diploma in Export Import Management1.5Semester Part-Time
140FBShort TermAdvance Diploma in Family Managed Business1Semester Full Time
141NRShort TermAdvance Diploma in Natural Resources & Management Restoration & Sustainable Development1Semester Part-Time
142RBShort TermAdvance Diploma in Retail Management1Yearly Part-Time
143BHShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Beauty Culture And Hair Dressing1Semester Full Time
144BCShort TermDiploma in Beauty Culture And Hair Dressing2Yearly Full Time
145BYShort TermAdvance Diploma in Beauty Culture And Hair Dressing1Semester Full Time
146PXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business Management1Semester Full Time
147RYShort TermAdvance Diploma in radiotherapy Tech.2Yearly Full Time
148LXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.1.5Semester Full Time
149DXShort TermAdvanced Diploma in Dietetics1Yearly Full Time
150LXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.1.5Semester Full Time
151YFShort TermDiploma in Food Science4Yearly Part-Time
152MJShort TermAdvance Diploma In Medical Imaging Technology2Yearly Full Time
153RXShort TermAdvance Diploma in X-ray and Radiography and Ultrasonography Techniques1.5Semester Full Time
154PXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business Management1Semester Full Time
155DTShort TermDiploma in Dental Technology2Semester Full Time
156TAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Technical & Analytical Chemistry1.5Semester Full Time
157RTShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in radiotherapy Tech.2Yearly Full Time
158RSShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in X-ray and Radiography and Ultrasonography Techniques1.5Semester Full Time
159PBShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business Management1Semester Full Time
160OTShort TermDiploma in Operation Theatre Technician2Semester Full Time
161LTShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.1.5Semester Full Time
162HDShort TermDiploma in Hemodialysis Technician2Semester Full Time
163DIShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Dietetics1Semester Full Time
164BTShort TermAdvance Diploma in Blood Bank Technology & Management1.5Semester Part-Time
165BBShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Blood Bank Technology & Management1Semester Full Time
166BXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Blood Bank Technology & Management1Semester Full Time
167TYShort TermAdvance Diploma in Travel & Tourism1Yearly Full Time
168TUShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Travel & Tourism1Yearly Full Time
169SUShort TermPost Graduate Diploma In Social Communications Media1Yearly Full Time
170HXShort TermAdvanced Diploma in Hospitality Management1.5Semester Full Time
171HPShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management1.5Semester Full Time
172HOShort TermDiploma in Hotel Operation1.5Yearly Full Time
173HKShort TermAdvance Diploma in House Keeping1Semester Full Time
174HCShort TermDiploma in Maritime Catering & Hotel Management2Semester Full Time
175FMShort TermAdvance Diploma in Front Office Management & Tourism1Semester Full Time
176DMShort TermDiploma in Dress Designing & Manufacturing2Yearly Full Time
177FNShort TermDiploma in Fashion and Textile Designing3Yearly Part-Time
178GIShort TermAdvance Diploma in Geo-Information1Semester Full Time
179FWShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Fermentation and Distillery and Wine Technology2Semester Full Time
180FDShort TermPost Diploma in Foundry Technology1.5Semester Full Time
181PPShort TermPost Diploma in Paper Technology1.5Yearly Full Time
182RAShort TermAdvance Diploma in Robotics And Automation1.5Yearly Part-Time
183YFShort TermDiploma in Food Science4Yearly Part-Time
184YSShort TermDiploma in Supply Chain & Logistic Management4Yearly Part-Time
185STShort TermDiploma in Stenography & Secretarial Practice2Yearly Full Time
186WTShort TermDiploma in Fruit Processing & Wine Technology2Semester Full Time
187YIShort TermDiploma in Industrial Drug Science4Yearly Part-Time
188EWShort TermAdvance Diploma in Energy Management & Audit.1Semester Full Time
189ERShort TermAdvance Diploma in Energy Management & Audit.1.5Semester Part-Time
190SXShort TermAdvance Diploma in Sugar Chemical Control1Semester Full Time
191ABShort TermPost Diploma in Automobile Engineering1.5Semester Full Time
192CKShort TermAdvance Diploma in Clinical Research1Semester Full Time
193ACShort TermPost Dip. in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning2Semester Part-Time
194AGShort TermAdvance Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics1Yearly Part-Time
195ARShort TermPost Dip. in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning1.5Semester Full Time
196CNShort TermAdvance Diploma in Clinical Research1Semester Full Time
197DVShort TermDiploma in Digital Photography & Digital Graphics.2Yearly Full Time
198SOShort TermPost Graduate Diploma in Sugar Chemical Control1Semester Full Time

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